Patrick Graham


Canadian multi-percussionist Patrick Graham has been called a “master improviser on percussion” who “…stands on the border of several forms of traditional and creative music, embracing the world of rhythm as a whole” (Le Devoir). His playing synthesizes a dizzying array of influences, from Japanese percussion, Mediterranean frame drumming, Indian and Irish rhythms to an ongoing fascination with new and found sounds. Patrick has performed, toured and recorded with numerous Canadian and international artists including Autorickshaw, Small World Project, OktoEcho, Norouet, La Nef, Trichy Sankaran, Ben Grossman, On Ensemble, Kaoru Watanabe, Ganesh Anandan, Peter Herbert, Carlo Rizzo, Kohei Nishikawa, and Tetsuro Naito, as well as dancers Hideo Arai, Geneviève Martin and Tomomi Morimoto. He is also active as an instructor, and has conducted workshops in Canada, the USA, India, Japan and China. In 2009, Patrick released his first self-produced solo CD, ‘Rheō’, featuring genre-bending original music for an array of percussion instruments and a number of outstanding guests: Ben Grossman, Debashis Sinha, Nicholas Williams, Kaoru Watanabe, and On Ensemble. The recording was picked as one of the top 13 albums of the year by the CBC Radio 2 program ‘The Signal’. Patrick Graham is an endorser of Cooperman Drums.



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