Kazuhiro Tsumura

Miyake Taiko is a traditional Japanese Taiko drumming style that has developed as a music in Miyake-island, an island of the Izu Island chain, locating at 180km south of Tokyo. During a traditional festival, Gozu Tenno Sai, the people on Miyake-island play Miyake Taiko from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and carry the portable shrine around the town.

Akio Tsumura had played for the festival in Miyake-jima, until the volcano erupted in 2000. After his evacuation from the island, he had arranged the original music into a form suitable for musical performance. Furthermore, he helped spread the art by teaching Kodo the style of Miyake Taiko and creating the organization “Miyake-Jima Geino Doushi-Kai” that aims to preserve and promote Miyake Taiko. Now, Akio Tsumura and his three sons: Kazuhiro, Hidenori, Haruyoshi, teach, play, and promote Miyake Taiko through classes and performances around the world.



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