The last date to reserve the hotel at the group rate is: Jan. 24 (2 weeks before ECTC)


Step 1: Call the hotel you prefer

Step 2: Reserve rooms under the keyword: “ECTC”.
*Note: The rooms are for 2 to 4 people. 

See Frequently Asked Questions or send us an email!


Wyndham Garden hotel in Providence

Rate: $85/night
Estimated Mileage to Brown: 1.4 Miles
Phone number: (401) 272-5577

Free Parking
Breakfast – only free for up to 2 guests per room, so if it’s 4 people per room the other 2 would have to pay for breakfast ($10 per person) *note: We will be providing some small pastries and hot chocolate on campus.
Link: Wyndham Garden hotel


Comfort Inn Seekonk

Rate: $79/night
Estimated Mileage to Brown: 5.6 MIles
Phone number: (508) 336-7900

Free Parking / Free Breakfast
Link: Comfort Inn Seekonk


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